WEF Meet & Greet
Event:WEF Meet & Greet
Date:October 23rd, 2021.
Time:10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Location:Bart's - 55 Palisado Avenue
Details:Come on over and chat with members of the Windsor Education Foundation board of directors and consider joining them in their important mission to support creative projects in Windsor schools.
WEF enriches the local learning community, sparking the interests of students to enabling them to:
* Discover their potential
* Gain the skills to build their future, and
* Become contributing members in their communities.
It’s a big idea that WEF is making happen! They've already given $131,000 to local teachers over the last 12 years to support STEM, the arts, humanities, trade education, athletics, community service, social programs and more! And there are more creative projects for our Windsor students to come!

Call (860) 687-1054 or go to https://windsoreducationfoundation.org/event/online-auction/ for more details.