"Tis the Season"
Event:"Tis the Season"
Contact:Ann Beaudin at aab@animaterra.com
Details:'Tis the Season to visit Windsor's local Farms


Time to keep Windsor growing by supporting local farms. Many residents say they love Windsor for its landscape of green open space and farmland. Farmers cannot survive on admiration alone. They need your dollar affirmation, that means buying locally grown..

Local farms provide numerous benefits. According to Environmental Nutrition and other reports local produce often tastes fresher because it's harvested close to peak times and requires less travel time from farm to table, which helps to preserve nutrients. In addition, farms contribute to Windsor's economy, enhance its pastoral beauty, and offer in-season fresh foods..

A number of Windsor's farms include: Brown's Farm, Thrall Farm, Bednarz Farm, Ave, River Street Farm , Newgate Farms, River Valley Farm, Forgotten Acres Farm, Birchwood Farms, Heart & Soil Farm, and Hastings Farm. The farms vary in types of farming and size.

Local farmers are our neighbors. Be a good neighbor and pay a visit. Also remember to support Windsor's Farmers Market on Thursdays on Maple and Broad Streets hosted by First Town Downtown. Discover each farm's specialty by calling or visiting their website. For more information or If you know of other farms in town, please contact the Windsor Conservation Commission.

A message from Ann Beaudin,
Windsor Conservation Commission

Members of the Windsor Conservation Commission
Chair: Ann Beaudin, Vice Chair: Neil Sachdev, Secretary: Colette Yeich
Lea Chayes, Nigel Pepin, Dominic DeCarlo, James Klase.
Tom Hazel: Town Liaison to Windsor Conservation Commission
For more information visit: www.townofwindsorct.com/cc