Event:Karen Foss: Coastal Photo Exhibit
Date:December 1st-30th, 2017.
Time:10:00 AM
Location:Windsor Public Library Meeting Room 1
Contact:L. Pastula
Details:Exploring the Delmarva Peninsula. Assateague Island, Maryland's Crab & Oyster Industry, and coastal views from Delaware, Maryland & Virginia.

I have always enjoyed working with my hands. Learning new skills, experimenting with different techniques, there's endless possibilities. As a Master Gardener and Design Consultant the challenge of mixing colors, textures and shapes into pleasing designs was very rewarding. More recently I have been exploring photography. Just as in drawing and gardening, it requires composing the shot. I rely on observation skills to emphasize the focus while minimizing the background clutter. The creative process is personal, conveying feelings and an awareness of the world around us. My hope is these photos will give you pause and encourage a daydream.