Hartford Parallax
Event:Hartford Parallax
Date:Thru Feb 23
Location:Windsor Art Center
Details:Windsor Art Center Opens
Hartford Parallax: ‘Round Hartford, Photography by Jack McConnell

Hartford Parallax: ‘Round Hartford, Photography by Jack McConnell, will be exhibited at the Windsor Art Center beginning Saturday, January 12, 2019 through Saturday, February 23.

For 45 years, Jack McConnell has photographed Hartford and Connecticut in a classic style for business owners and designers. But right now, something is changing in our Capital City, and Jack has challenged himself to see Hartford with fresh eyes. It's not the same old, beige and gray city that we've all gotten used to, and he sees the need to photograph it in a way that reflects that new energy. If not now, when?

By shooting only with an extreme telephoto 400-550mm lens, an extreme wide 8-15mm lens, and a multi-colored polarizing filter, Jack has created a Hartford parallax effect, encouraging residents, workers, and visitors to take a closer look at Hartford and appreciate the city in a new way. Jack shot the most extreme of these photos with an 8mm fisheye lens, taking in a rounded 180 degree view that provides visual information from high in the sky to the tips of his shoes and from the extended fingertips of his left to his right hand. Viewers tend to linger a little longer on these photographs and give more thought to what is special about Hartford.

After creating a dramatic collection of 'Round Hartford photos, Jack has moved on to the 28 towns surrounding Hartford, shooting in each town an iconic fish-eye photo that represents their shared interests and goals.