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PC Development Group, LLC
Our dedication to customer service is our most valuable asset. We formed this company to give computer users an alternative to the long waits, over charges and general neglect by major retail computer chains. We offer you a place to discuss and learn about computers and how they can change the way you live. Our goal is your satisfaction, and we guarantee that you will get Computer.Friendly.Advice.

We offer a wide variety of computer related services, including some of the best prices on service repairs of anyone around. We scouted out the major retail competition s service prices and set out to slash them, while vastly improving the quality of that service. A seemingly amazing feat, but we feel that it is your right as a consumer.We are here prove to you that quality work by certified professionals does not have to cost a fortune. Our custom built computer systems come with the same standard warranty as other major competitors, yet our location, and customer care will benefit you in the long run.

Contact: Stan Gryskiewicz
296B Broad Street
Windsor, CT 06095
Phone: 860-683-0384
Fax: 208-474-6837

Accepts Chamber Gift Certificates

Mon-Fri 9:00-6:00, Sat 10:00-2:00, Sun and after hours by appt.

  • My Dell Computer broke down and I was out of luck! I needed a computer fast, and I had heard a lot about PC Computers in Windsor, so I went in there. I was sold a Lenovo computer, which I am now using, over a year ago. It was a name brand that I never heard of before, but I was told that it was a good brand and would work fine for my needs. I ended up purchasing it, I was helped with the set up, sold a Great security system, better than the previous one I had before and have had no problems at all! Plus, I was happen to receive a Great deal on my 1 year security renewal at a great savings if I let PC Development put it in for me! They did and did a great job! I recommend them to anyone for all computer purchases and needs! The service was great!
    Shelley Pike - Nov 30, 2014
  • When I went into PC Development Group a few weeks ago to discuss the possibility of buying a new PC, I had no idea what they were capable of doing for me.

    I knew that my several year old PC was driving me crazy because it was too slow for me, that it contained software that I wasn't using but didn't know how to delete and that some of my files were not organized the way that I wanted them. I also knew that buying a new PC involved transferring files from my old PC and that would be a time consuming task I didn't want to do myself.

    After explaining my problems to one of the friendly staff I told him exactly what I did want. He told me that he could build a PC to my specifications. This would not be a commercial product but their own brand constructed with the components selected for my needs.

    I was happy with the price, the quick service, the organization of my files and the SPEED of my new PC!

    Honestly anyone in the market for a new PC or who needs work on their old one should check out PC Development Group. I can't imagine why anyone would go anywhere else!
    Linda S. Alexander, Windsor's Prajna Yoga - May 12, 2011